Privacy policy update

In advance of the new GDPR coming into effect on 25th May we have updated our privacy policy as follows:

The purpose of this policy is to confirm how we store and use the information provided to us by potential, new and existing clients and candidates.  DP&P takes confidentiality and the protection of information extremely seriously at both a personal and a corporate level.  This policy will be reviewed at appropriate intervals to ensure our continued compliance with the GDPR.

  1. We do not store hard copy documents containing personal information in our office for more than three years. After such time all documents are disposed of using a confidential data shredding company, currently Lombard Recycling.
  2. All personal information provided to us electronically is stored on the firm’s secure server and can only be accessed by current employees of the firm.
  3. Any client or candidate who no longer wishes to hear from us by email can opt out of receiving further communications by using the link that appears in all new outbound emails sent by employees of the firm. We keep and maintain an opt out register and the distribution lists for all new general information emails are de-duplicated against this before emails are sent out.

For candidates:

All new candidates who engage with DP&P are provided with a copy of our new candidate agreement which outlines the information above and in addition confirms that:

  1. We do not automatically or routinely send a candidate’s CV out to every client contact on our database. We work hard to introduce clients and candidates where we believe there is a strong fit between the client’s brief and the candidate’s skills and experience and between personalities and corporate culture.
  2. All our initial conversations with prospective firms are strictly on a ‘no names’ basis so as not to identify a candidate before a firm has expressly stated their interest in meeting them for a first conversation/ interview.
  3. We will never send a candidate’s CV or any other personal information to any firm or individual without their prior knowledge.
  4. If we have worked with a candidate in the past and they have not opted out of receiving future emails from us, there may be occasions when a new client brief comes in that we think could be of interest to them. In this instance we would take the opportunity to contact the candidate with an outline of the information should they wish to contact us to find out more.

For clients:

  1. In providing information about a firm to a potential or new candidate, we will never reveal any details about the firm that have been identified to us by the client as confidential.
  2. We email clients only with relevant information, documents and feedback on candidates who we feel are most suited to their firm and/ or their specific brief for each assignment.
  3. We will not send the CV or personal information of any candidate to a client without the candidate’s prior knowledge.
  4. Should a very interesting CV come to our attention at a time when a client does not have a specific brief out with us, we may take the opportunity to send this to the client, again with the prior knowledge of the person involved. We would try to contact the client first by phone to confirm their interest in hearing from us in this way.

If you have any questions or queries about this policy please contact us.

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