Reasons to work with a headhunter



It is frustrating and costly to lose a strong candidate at the eleventh hour because they ultimately reject your offer or feel that another firm would be a better fit for them.  Whilst some of the following points may seem obvious, it is prudent to partner with a headhunter whose approach to each is meticulous in order to achieve a successful outcome.

1 – Save senior time

Recruiting at partner level takes up an immense amount of time.  Managing Partners are heavily involved in the process and their time is at a premium.  Working with a headhunter can therefore save the firm a great deal of time and money.  We see it as our role to project manage the whole process and take the burden off the people at the top.

2 – Find the cream of the crop

Working with a headhunter allows you to widen the pool and look beyond those who are actively looking for a job.  We reach out to the family silver of other firms, who might be slightly disillusioned rather than desperate to move and pitch them the benefits of coming to work for you.

3 – Extend your network

We conduct extensive research in order to identify big hitting partners you may not have come across before, greatly increasing the number of potential partners you can access.

4 – Gain market Intelligence

As a by-product of our conversations we can glean market intelligence for you and give you an idea of how your firm is perceived in the market and crucially amongst talent you are looking to acquire.

5 – Prevent timewasters

We have years of experience of revealing people’s motivations and spotting timewasters. Our rigorous process of having a number of points of contact with candidates before we send them in to meet you for interview is proven to weed out any window shoppers.

6 – Get the real story

By using a headhunter you are more likely to get past candidate’s pretence to the reality of them as a professional. People are often more willing to be open and honest with a third party, rather than posturing about their skills and career to date.

7 – Have greater choice

The comprehensive exercise we conduct means that you get to see the market, the quality of the partners out there and have an element of choice, rather than taking anyone who happens to be available.

8 – Have someone to support you in selling to and securing the best talent

We can help you work out how to pitch working at your firm and what the key selling points are that you may have taken for granted. We get close to candidates and develop an understanding of their current frustrations and what they are looking for. This allows us to provide extremely detailed briefings to help you understand their position and sell effectively to them.

9 – Close the best deal

Our experience in structuring and agreeing employment deals means that we understand the best way to close deals that both parties are happy with.

10 – Minimise the risk of dropout

We can help work out any risks by advising on interview procedure and on how to drill down into the important areas during meetings.  By asking the right questions from the outset we really minimise the risk of drop outs.  It is extremely rare that candidates who come through us and accept a job are subsequently counter offered successfully or drop out, thanks to our thorough and detailed approach from the get go.


To find out how we deliver on each of these areas in order to support your partner recruitment needs please click here to contact us.

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