We have a very high success rate with regards
to filling vacancies that have proved difficult
via traditional means.

See what our clients say about us from a number of past and current projects.
We are happy for prospective clients to contact some of our referees directly.

We believe that for projects to be successful we need to invest time in advance with a prospective client. We need to understand what the business issues are, the consequences of not resolving them and the relevant background factors. By doing this we can establish whether the vacancy is a ‘suitable case for treatment’ and whether we are the right people to help. We do not take on projects where we do not think we are the best people to help.

The people who instruct us are high level partners who are by definition extremely busy. We see it as our role as far as possible to take the burden of recruiting partners from their shoulders. We provide a bespoke service where we can either project manage the assignment from start to finish or take a less operational position if required. We are flexible and can accommodate different working styles.

Some of the areas where we feel we can add particular value in the process include:

Scoping and presentation of the partner vacancy: Because we deal with all of the major firms and are seeing senior individuals on a daily basis we have a detailed understanding of how firms are viewed by their peers/competitors. By feeding this into the process we can work out together how best to pitch the role/firm and also to address questions/issues that any candidates coming for interview may have.

Interviewing: We have 50 years’ of interviewing experience between us. Whilst not infallible the combination of this experience and psychometric testing means that we have an unbeatable hit rate in terms of understanding the strengths and weaknesses and potential cultural fit of candidates. We meet shortlisted individuals twice or three times as a minimum. We provide detailed briefings on areas we feel are worth exploring and can also provide tailored interview training for people involved in the process if required.

Landing the desired candidate(s): We believe that whilst there may be many recruitment firms who can source good candidates that there are few better than us in terms of landing them. Completing deals is the gold standard or benchmark of an executive search firm. We believe our record in this respect is second to none. We are very sensitive to when people are window shopping and are just looking for competitor information. We have a very detail oriented approach and are keen to ensure that clients only have current and accurate information and we help to ensure that there is a co-ordinated approach as to how the firm and the vacancy is presented correctly.

Integration: We do not intrude on firm’s induction/integration procedures. However as we have spent a lot of time with the incoming individual(s) (and like to think we have developed a high degree of rapport) we can feed into the process by recommendations and an informed periodic review with the candidate if required.