Moving firms as a partner can be a stressful thing. Whilst people know it is probably the right time for them to leave their current firm they are worried about making the wrong career choice. We understand that and like to feel that we are supportive throughout the process. Our aim is to help partners secure the best possible role and remuneration according to their passion and capabilities.

Our marketplace is a relatively small one and our reputation is important to us. We do not shoehorn people into practices that we feel are the wrong option for them and have occasionally advised people not to accept offers and to stay where they are. We are long-term players in the market and believe that if we act in people’s best interest then it is both commercially and ethically the correct thing to do. We want to place individuals who will find a secure and professionally satisfying home for the long-term, not the short-term.

In terms of some of the areas we believe we can assist individuals throughout the process:

•Knowledge of the marketplace: We have introduced and/or moved partners from all of the leading national firms. Because of this we can offer an up to date, detailed appraisal of the cultural difference, relative strengths etc. of them. If we are working on behalf of an individual we will offer our opinion but we will not attempt to bias people in terms of firms.

Contacts at top level: Because of the seniority of our introductions our contacts are not with HR departments but are rather with the Managing Partners/Area Managing partners etc. within the leading firms.
We are trusted by these individuals to approach them on an ad hoc basis with candidates we feel are people that they would be interested in and have an ongoing watching brief for a number of these firms. We are often privy to the strategic plans of these practices and as such are in a good position to know whether an individual might fit, even if there is not an immediate vacancy.

Presentational advice: Whilst most of the leading firms are looking to bolster their teams at partner level they are increasingly selective on who they will take into their practices. Selling oneself is often much more difficult than selling a firm or a service. We have a number of ways in which we can help people optimise their performance throughout the process. We have advised some of the country’s biggest new business generators on how to best represent themselves. We offer help and advice from CV presentation, through to interview coaching and the preparation of a written business cases. We understand how partner panels make decisions and can help on a firm by firm basis.

Negotiating package: Our approach is to negotiate a fair but competitive package and our market knowledge in this respect is second to none. We understand that people want to be properly remunerated for the experience and skills they bring. We also understand that it is difficult for incoming partners to negotiate on their own behalf. Because of our access to the leading forms and partners within them we know what the market rate is and are in a strong position to ensure that the individual is fairly treated.

Psychometric testing: We offer a psychometric testing service that can provide useful insights as to the type/characteristics of an organisation in which an individual might best fit.